The project is implemented by a consortium of 8 partners from 4 EU countries: Cyprus, Spain, Estonia, Lithuania. The consortium includes education and training organisations, enterprises and authorities responsible for tourism development, thus allowing to combine different views and experiences and achieve the expected impact of the project.

Cyprus University Of Technology

The Cyprus University of Technology was founded by law on December 2003 and welcomed its first students on September 2007. The University is based at the city of Limassol, where four out of five faculties are located. The Faculty of Health Sciences, which includes the Department of Nursing, is located in Nicosia.

The Cyprus University of Technology aspires to develop itself into a modern, pioneering University able to offer education and high level research in leading branches of science and technology which have high impact on the economic, technical, and scientific sectors.

With its orientation towards applied research, the University aspires to establish for itself a role in support of the state and society in their efforts to confront problems, which cover all areas of science and technology. The programmes of the CUT to a large extent complement scientific areas, which are not currently covered at Undergraduate and Postgraduate levels by the University of Cyprus or any other institution of higher education in the country.

The Cyprus University of Technology has as its strategic target the design and development of research activities. CUT has already established its participation in a significant number of research projects under 7FP, Research Promotion Foundation, Interreg IIIB/IVC and Archimed.

CUT and its research team that is being involved in this project have been involved in the implementation of several nationally/European funded projects on tourism, transfer of innovation and training. In addition, CUT is currently playing a leading role for the implementation of a project funded by the structural funds of the European Union for the establishment of industry-liaison offices for the promotion of synergies between the industry and academia through transfer of knowledge and innovation.



X-Panel ltd

X-Panel Ltd is a small private company with the main office in Larnaca, Cyprus. The company enjoys an extensive experience in business support services, focusing on business strategy, innovation management and quality standards. We work with research organisations and SMEs from different sectors, helping them develop specific management competences and skills, and design new products and projects.

In the last years we have focused our consulting and training efforts on tourism sector as it is very important to Cyprus economy and the companies in this sector face many problems related to seasonality, immigrant and part-time workers, service quality, etc. We are currently exploring some new facilitation methods that bring good results in increasing learning, personal and team efficiency and commitment, and improving organisational health.

In the last 12 years the members of the core team of the company have worked on over 40 European (Leonardo da Vinci, FP5, FP6, Interreg, Equal) and numerous national projects, mainly in the areas of entrepreneurship, innovation and regional development.

In the area of new product development, together with our subsidiary company we are working on a project to establish a technologically advanced, bioclimatic and energy-autonomous rehabilitation and wellness centre in Larnaca region. The centre is planning to offer an integrated medical tourism product which will be instrumental in attracting visitors to the area and help rural tourism and the local economy in the area.



Cyprus Tourism Organisation

The Cyprus Tourism Organisation (CTO) is the National Tourist Organisation of Cyprus, responsible for the planning, organisation, marketing and promotion of the island’s tourist product, as well as the regulation of the function of tourist enterprises. The Organisation has 22 offices in 19 countries in Europe, Middle East and the US.

The Organisation is administrated by a nine-member Board of Directors and consists of the Director – General’s Office and four Departments: Administration, Marketing, Quality Assurance, and Strategy. 

The CTO’s Strategic Tourism Plan aims to reposition Cyprus in the international tourism market based on quality and sustainability. Interventions in marketing, product development and quality/value sectors, will enable Cyprus to reveal its unique identity, attract the desired market segments and fulfill its socioeconomic goals with respect towards its cultural and natural environment.  The visitor is encouraged to travel around the island and discover its rich and varied cultural and natural environment as well as engage in special interest activities, within a small geographical space.


Voru County Vocational Training Center

Võru County Vocational Training Centre (VCVTC) Estonia is one of the largest state vocational schools in Estonia with presently about 800 full-time students. The VCVTC works within three major areas: vocational training, continuing education, and adult vocational re-training. Students receive a specialty-based education after secondary school; in the field of adult training and vocational re-qualification, the school offers similar coursework. Moreover, the centre monitors the local needs of the labour market and matches coursework accordingly. To respond to changing demands of the labour market, VCVTC intends to train a competent workforce to create a high quality service basis for the rapidly developing tourism industry in Southern Estonia by providing competitive professional training.

Professional higher education study pragramme can study: Tourism and Catering, Business Management, IT Systems, Metal Processing and Wood Processing Technology. Vocational education study programme can study main specialties Metal Processing, Wood Processing, Computers and Computer Networks, Business Administration, Small Enterprise and Sales Management.

The graduates of our school will be competent specialists of their fields, and are in demand both in Estonia and in the European Union.

School motto is „Good school for whole life“ and based on that we have focused to achieve own goals. Institution one goal is to develop cooperation with entrepeneurs to find innovative solutions .

Good cooperation can perform working with projects and this is the field where VCVTC is operating as a partner in current project ECOTOUR.



Kaunas Vocational Training Centre for Service Business Specialists

Kaunas Vocational Training Centre for Service Business Specialists (KAUPA) is an active participant of vocational training reform and international projects, which prepare youth for European partnership. Since its opening in 1944 the Centre has deserved the name of a reliable and efficient educational institution not only among the students, but partners as well.

Our biggest asset is people: the ones who study, teach, care so that everyone could feel cozy and warm, and sustain our prestige.

Our vision – becoming Christian college.

Our mission – a community promoting life-long learning.

We strive for high quality development of vocational training services educating service business specialists.

The high quality initial vocational training, adult education as well as secondary education are being provided while training service business specialists. The scope of specialties embraces sectors of beauty, business, health and social welfare. The self-directedness, independence of youth is encouraged at project work, civic initiatives, and practice periods in the enterprises in Lithuania as well as in the EU countries. Due to the unique training system vocational, general and personal competencies of students are developed. The training is based on the Catholic worldview through St. Ignatius educational paradigm and holistic principles, paying special attention to the aspects of philosophy, psychology, ecology, culture, and development of entrepreneurship as well.

Close partnership with universities, colleges, other vocational centers, associations and employers, their participation in preparation, co-ordination, evaluation and certification of training programmes, enables us to assure high-quality training and prepare specialists, demanded by labor market.

In co-operation with international and local partners the Centre actively participates in the development of vocational training, implements modern training technologies, prepares vocational training programmes and studies. The teachers continually improve their qualification in the EU countries and students have a possibility of practical training abroad (in Greece, Italy, Denmark, Finland, Germany, etc.). The Centre successfully participates in the international projects run by EESF: Leonardo da Vinci, Nordplus, Grundtvig, also in the programmes of European Union funds, EEE, etc.



Lithuanian Association of Innovative Vocational Education Institutions

Lithuanian Association of Innovative Vocational Education Institutions (LIPRIA) unites 35 innovative VET institutions of Lithuania. It is open to all vocational schools which contribute to development of Vocational Education System in Lithuania.

The goal of Association is to support all actions improving quality and innovation in Lithuanian Vocational Education and Training. The main activities are to: join the community of VET institutions which promote educational or technological innovations; disseminate innovative ideas; share knowledge and experience on implementation of innovative educational projects; support the development of new vocational training curricula regarding market requirements.

There are a lot of teachers-experts of Vocational training in the association, among them in tourism domain. 11 LIPRIA schools are directly involved in training of tourism specialists; other schools have indirect interest to adapt innovative experience.



Federacion Extremena de Turismo Rural

FEDARACION EXTRAMENA DE TURISMO RURAL (FEXTUR) is a Federation of Associations whose aims are to promote and improve the tourism SMEs in different areas of Extremadura. At the moment FEXTUR gathers 7 associations that represent 500 SMEs spread throughout the whole Region of Extremadura. Fextur was the answer of the tourism entrepreneurs of Extremadura to the need of working together in finding a position in the Spanish tourist product.

Our general aim is to contribute to the incentive, development, promotion and regulation of tourism lodge in the rural area.  Especifically Fextur cares for sustainable tourism development and coordinates in a regional context actions of interest to each of the affiliates.

Fextur is founder of the tourism cluster of Extremadura through which it takes leading part in several projects.

FEXTUR is part of  ASETUR (Spanish Association of Rural Turism) which at the same time is a member of the  Committee for the Support of the International Dialogue on Tourism.



Karuskose Ltd

Karuskose Ltd is a small local company providing nature and culture experiences in Soomaa and Pärnu region of Estonia.

The company is certified by the Estonia national quality label for ecotourism products.

The underlying philosophy of the company is ecotourism, which means to us promoting local economic development, supporting preservation of cultural and natural heritage and educating travelers and public.

There are 6 criteria for the certification: - Accept carrying capacity, - Support local economy, - Green business perfomance , - Support conservation of nature and culture , - Responsibility, education and respect, - Safety and quality.

The operating principles and philosophy of the company are presented in detailed on  their webpage at:

The company since 2009 is also certified by PAN Parks label,