Needs for Ecotourism knowledge and training


First main activity of ECOTOUR project partners has been to analyze the training needs of ecotourism practitioners in Cyprus, Spain, Estonia and Lithuania.

Research study was conducted: 40 people was interviewed and the web-survey of 100 people carried out in order to learn about current knowledge and the needs. These findings will be the main input for developing ECOTOUR training program, Trainers Handbook, Learners Guide and e-learning environment.
Some of the findings are:

  • Practitioners do not necessarily use the term “ecotourism”. Related concepts are local, slow, sustainable, responsible, soft, experiential, green travel and/or tourism.
  • There are highest needs for knowledge and trainings that focus on markets and marketing.
  • Training courses should be short, more practical and less theoretical
  • Combination of different learning methods is the must : e-learning alone is not enough