Ecotourism related web resources

The international ecotourism society (TIES) founded in 1990 is a non-profit
organisation dedicated to promoting ecotourism. It has members in more than 120 countries, representing various professional fields and industry segments. There is a fee for organisational and professional membership, however Traveler Membership is free.


International Ecotourism Club is a mutual aid network for a green, ecological and socially just tourism and living. The Club offers some free services like ecotourism papers, events listing, Ecolodge membership, etc. Low-cost professional membership and advertising is also available.


The European Ecotourism Knowledge Network (ECOLNET) is a 3-year project (2010-2013) co-financed by the European Commission, Lifelong Learning Programme. It aims to create an Ecotourism network to bring together a variety of stakeholders and develop innovative evaluation tools and learning products. created in 1994 invites to share the practices of eco-friendly, people-friendly and
place-friendly conscious travel. The website is full of information and links on ecotourism, including definitions, education, events, etc.


POWER - "People on Work Empowerment Resources" is a Leonardo da Vinci programme project that has developed an online learning platform on Talent Management in tourism SMEs. Ecotourism companies can benefit from this resource as well - the platform is open and available free of charge till end November 2012.